“Prevention is Better than Cure” – how many times have we heard this age old wisdom? Yet, as we age, we often find ourselves on the side of cure rather than care. And the proof is evident when we look at the rise of chronic diseases for seniors in India over the last decade alone.

An increasing number of senior citizens are getting sick from diseases that could be prevented. A report from the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that non communicable and often preventable diseases make up for 70% of deaths worldwide.

It is only necessary that we now change our perspective towards senior healthcare and make it preventive, so we can catch these ailments in time. The future may be arriving sooner than many of us imagined.  Technology can make preventive healthcare more penetrative. Accurate and early diagnosis will support a shift towards preventing diseases before they reach a risky or incurable state, so seniors can live worry free.

As a tool to aid in prevention and treatment, artificial intelligence (AI) has tremendous potential. Identification and minimization of disease risk factors, improvement and early detection of disease through screening are a few important elements of preventive healthcare. It is a crucial element as it allows seniors to be aware about their health issues in the early days, to help keep track of their progress on a real time basis.

Rejoice Senior Living understands that health comes first, especially as you progress into a new innings of your life. This compelled us to make sure that all your needs are taken care of, as best as possible. This vision is the inspiration behind the cutting edge technology that we deploy as a means of ensuring your health. At Rejoice, we are committed to giving you the best healthcare possible. We install a smart technology powered preventive healthcare device for detecting any possible fatal health episodes in advance. Our medical experts will be using world’s leading technology to continuously monitor your health and detect any heart/ respiratory disorder, which is a key indicator for any serious health deterioration, at-least 4-8 hours in advance.

All this will be done by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to provide actionable health insights well in time. We aim to become an invisible companion to shield your life, as you focus on enjoying your new, youthful second innings.

AI offers a number of advantages over traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques.  Learning algorithms can become more precise and accurate as they interact with training data, gaining unprecedented insights into diagnostics, care processes, treatment variability, and patient outcomes.  This means that instead of waiting for an emergency to arise, it takes steps well in advance to ensure your safety and reduce the threat and risk. Thus, our smart technology enables you to live a healthier and happier life, worry free. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect second innings? Come join us at Rejoice, and celebrate the most rewarding chapter of your life!