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Redefining Senior Living....A Vacation Home for Life

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Preventive Healthcare
Active Lifestyle
Comfort & Luxury


World-Class Preventive Healthcare monitoring

Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle is a way to

Healthy Body, Mind & Soul

Comfort & Luxury

Comfort & Luxury redefined for an Impeccable Living


Pursue your Passion / Experience

Developed for the High-Spirited people who have been High Achievers & have earned a comfortable retirement cushion & wish to continue to live Independently & Securely

Senior Living 

Senior living  is at a very nascent stage in India with huge potential. As per Indian Census Projections the percentage of elderly Indians to total population shall be almost 12.5% by 2026. Also with time the definition of Old Age Homes/ Senior Living is changing and it is now no more a house wherein medical facilities are looked at. We can call these Vacation Homes with Luxury Living. Our senior citizens now look for activities and amenities in addition to medical facilities provided and most importantly look for a mixed communicty living yet exclusive, i.e. a community wherein they see every age group but yes they have exclusive and dedicated services wherein access is restricted to only senior citizens.

Extensive detailing is done to make sure that every aspect of senior living is covered, in terms of structure of the building to the amenities offered. Just to cover a few:

Activities: Right from keeping them involved and active there are outdoor and indoor activities like swimming pool, badminton, lawn tennis, cycling tracks, table tennis, card room, library, games area, theatre.

Healthcare: 24×7 operational medical facility within the complex meeting all the needs related to health and medical care.

Comfort & Luxury – Homes automated and designed in a way to make their stay comfortable. Fittings and fixtures of the class that they are used to live in (super luxury homes).

Engagement – Follow your Passion / Experience. Do things that you love to or give you happiness. Get engaged in our Medical Room / Hobby Room / Kitchen / Landscaping. Assist us to make things more comfortable with your advise.

Old Age Home

Old age homes are no longer primitive old age homes and today neither Senior Citizens nor their Children are reluctant speaking of Senior Living nor the Stigma which used to be there previls to that extent.

Old age homes / Senior living is a gift to SELF or PARENTS for a good life. YOUR TIME YOU WAY. No more worries of taking care of the house, children, grand children, social obligations. No more dependencies as you get everything within the complex and have dedicated facilities like cabs etc. to go to markets and come back. It is like living your childhood at your terms.

Do whatever you want to and whenever you want to. From morning prayers to evening parties with friends; from having breakfast with friends to having a beer in the evening at the bar; from planning a spiritual tour to planning a pleasure trip to Goa with friends. Yes all that and just at your fingertips.